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And then it was 15 seconds more of signs from the stars. Four of the horoscope messages—one for each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac, each with its own telephone number — are now promoting a deodorant.

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Dixon would he paid for her forecasts, but said she would receive a percentage of the company's profits. Dixon, for her part, said she would write each of the telephone broadcasts separately from her syndicated newspaper column, which appears in several hundred newspapers around the world.

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You can get more from talking. Dixon said. And she predicted that A. Science presents many arguments against astrology. It is argued that your genetic characteristics are developed from conception and not birth.

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  7. Astrologers, according to scientists, ignore matters such as the gravitational force of non-solar bodies e. PhD students attached to the group are currently researching alcoholism's link to Jupiter, the correlation between prostitutes and their date of birth and also the link between women's infertility and correlations of Jupiter and Saturn. Terms and Conditions.

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