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Not much is written about the constellation of the crane. The observing qualities make it fit very well into the eye aspect pattern particularly since it is right at the focal point of the triangle. New Moons tend to make us want to plant new seeds and start afresh. We should listen to our body. Otherwise, discernment is needed, because the guidance of the Sun the light of truth is missing at the new Moon and one may easily be hoodwinked.

A new moon can work powerful manifestation magic because the Moon is furthest from the earth and this frees the imagination from material limits. Thought-seeds planted at the New Moon will grow, so be careful what you wish for! A Solar Eclipse is like a really powerful reboot.

The blinding light of the Sun is blocked for just enough time to get a new perspective.

New Moon in Aquarius: The Astrology of February 4, 2019

It is mind-altering and refreshing, but it can turn your world upside down too. The imagination is expansive and pioneering, inspired by overseas or inner travel. This aspect support roots though, no matter how far afield they voyage. Moon sextile Jupiter can fall into success by chance, being at the right place at the right time. There can be a dark side to this aspect, however, when the combination of Jupiter licentiousness and lunar bad habits can spill over into drug or sexual abuse, either given or received. The eye can also be compared with a radar screen, which rotates to take in all sides, scans the surroundings and records everything it comes across.

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Focusing on a very small sphere of interest or with a wider lens as with the radar screen. The way that the eye works depends on what planets are involved. Here we have Neptune which is more diffuse, while Saturn is more discriminating. Taking all factors into account then you could say this particular eye works more like the radar screen. The tarot card associated with this decan is the six of swords which is about moving on and finding a safe harbour.

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Karmically this suggests that you are moving away from more turbulent lifetimes to one that is more stable. There is also a feeling of being protected. This card may also indicate that this life is one of many travels where you are searching for your spiritual home because you are not quite rooted in that which was your place of birth.

It is interesting that this card features water when there are so many aquatic and riverside animals associated with this decan of Aquarius. These two planets are also super powerful as they are placed in their own signs. This as an aspect that also takes organic, practical steps towards health and medicine. Ideally, this soft aspect can bring out the best in two planets that can be melancholic and deceptive otherwise.

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During the phase of the New Moon, the lunar disk is invisible to the naked eye. The Moon affects are very important and impacting on the human body, our mental health and even women's menstrual cycles. Discover what's in store in your weekly horoscope as well as today's horoscope. Do you ever see the same number sequences? Check out our Angel numbers guide and discover the message from your Guardian Angels. Discover Astrofame's selection of products to learn more about the Moon:. The New Moon is an invisible phase for us on Earth, because the Moon is located between the Earth and the Sun, meaning the illuminated side shines away from us.

Although the New Moon is invisble in the night sky for us on Earth, this monthly cycle has huge impacts that we must pay attention to. Find out what lies ahead in your Tarot cards. The New Moon marks a new start , it's the perfect time to initiate new projects.

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  • During the New Moon, sow any seeds you may have. The New Moon is a time for hard work and requires effort to be put in if you are to succeed. Fifteen days afterwards, the Full Moon will illuminate the sky and it may bring you success and some good news! Below is an example of the Lunar phases across 28 days:. The New Moon occurs when the Moon is located between the Earth and the Sun and a Full Moon is when we are able to see the entire illuminated portion of the Moon.

    If you want to benefit from the New Moon, here are some tips on what you need to do. When should you cut your hair in accordance with the Moon? If you want your hair to grow back quicker, cut it when the Moon is in a crescent phase; between the New Moon and the Full Moon.

    The New Moon rises at sunrise, travels through the meridian at noon and sets at sunset. This really works!