Birthday december 24 2019 astrology

They are also innovators and always think outside the box.

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These individuals also have a tendency to be insecure. Everybody has to come from a certain place. Everybody has to come from a background. You need to draw the line. You need to cross that line between group identity and self-created identity. This is when you know you have matured. This is when you have spread your wings and are ready to fly on your own. Earth influences growth and well being.

People who are influenced by this element are centered on their self-growth and improvement. People who are influenced by this planet are the ones who methodically move through life. They may move slower, but they make sure that their decisions will always work to their advantage. People who are influenced by this color like to get the approval of others.

They strive to get noticed, and they do favors for others so they can be liked back. Life can get complex for those born on 24th December, as they are an incarnation of much of the earliest of the energies of the Earth star sign Capricorn.

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While determined and slow and steady in nature, these folks also often run afoul of feeling as though the world is out to get them. A hand extended towards this soul in friendship is always scrutinised and accepted slowly, as though sniffing for an ulterior motive. Compliments are regarded as just a way of trying to keep someone sweet, and money is never lent nor borrowed unless in dire need.

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Assuming that the world is out to get you only ever seems to make life bend over backwards to prove you right — so, however scary it might seem, having trust and faith from the outset is often the best way forward. Username or Email Address.

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December 24th Birthday Horoscope

Enter your account data and we will send you a link to reset your password. Subtle, full of plans, inventive, clever — emotional and sensual. Loyal, withdrawn, very caring in terms of money and business.

True to their word. Their life is full of eager effort, although capricious, inconsistent and changing. Not very eager to enter marriage. They will be most successful in a profession that requires slow, careful and prudent work, like building, agriculture, etc. What threatens them?

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  5. Dangers caused by their own friends and failures in life. Their protectors are less than solid, and the final results of their work and effort can be minimal. Their organism is quite strong, with their vitality growing stronger with age, just like their health. Illnesses are usually caused by their melancholic tendencies and depression that often overcomes them.

    They should try to fight off their melancholic tendencies and disperse the depression they fall victim to by all means, as it seriously affects both their life and career. How to raise a child born on this day?