Birthday number 11 personality

Try to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. Do something every day that scares you. This will help you grow as a person over time. Any kind of argument or conflict deeply upsets you. Confrontations of any kind cause you great distress and anxiety. You often ignore problems with friends and family in order to avoid the uncomfortable conflict.

Master Number 11 Personality

You are better off dealing with the issue right away and then getting over it. Handle the situation as best as you can and then work past it. Learn to leave the past behind and live in the moment. Your anxiety is a product of your thoughts. Try meditation to clear your mind and take control of your destructive thought patterns. Try spending some time each day doing things to naturally cure your anxiety. Personality number 11 makes you a caring and sensitive person.

Life Path Number 11: Personality

You are very much loved and appreciated by your friends and family. Learn to step outside of your comfort zone and life will only get better. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

The 11 is a double 1—all about the self, creativity, initiation, independence, innovation, and self-confidence.

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Yet the foundational energy for the 11 is the 2—which is all about others, partnership, loving group dynamics, and being supportive behind the scenes. Understand that your contribution is through the experience you provide for others, which is almost impossible to measure. The 22 is a double 2—all about diplomacy, love, emotional sensitivity, intuition, service behind the scenes, and cooperation.

Yet the foundational energy for the 22 is the 4, which is all about security, stability, hard work, and systems building. Know that this is rather scary and somewhat foreign for you because you gravitate toward the tried-and-true and erring on the safe side. You must blast past your childhood wounds, through and around your very real and also your self-imposed limitations, and work tenaciously to define and achieve your goals. Your purpose is to use your nurturing and healing gifts to serve yourself and others in a joyful and accepting way.

The 33 is a double 3—all about creative self-expression, communication, emotional sensitivity, performance, and joy. Yet the foundational energy for the 33 is the 6, which is all about home and family, responsibility, higher service, and visionary pursuits. How can you make your mark as a compassionate healer, compelling visionary, and joyful and inspired creative communicator? Felicia Bender Ph. See her at FeliciaBender. Customized to your exact birth date and name, this personalized numerology report will shed light on your core numbers and life purpose. Get Your Free Numerology Reading.

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Numerology meaning of a 11 Personality Number | World Numerology

They should learn more patience, serenity and properly evaluate their emotions and vibrations, simply because emotions and vibrations create our reality. They are the holders of light, joy, kindness and friendship. They have a great ability to empathize, but on the other hand, they are also very vulnerable. All of this causes their high sensitivity. The number eleven represents an arrow pointing upwards see picture.

Master Number 11 As a Life Path Number

People with this life path number are very ambitious and achieve rapid elevations, but also rapid declines. However, these individuals are very adaptable, creative and intelligent. The high sensitivity hypersensitivity and workaholism — they spend more time working than relaxing. Other negative aspects include the lack of time for their own needs, insomnia, and too much openness.

These individuals also have a tendency to take all the responsibility on their own shoulders. In some cases, the solitude and hypersensitivity may contribute to suicidal tendencies. With 11 in your chart, you are able to calmly deal with complex situations — you have general knowledge and know a little about everything. Your greatest advantages are respect, empathy, understanding others and their problems, adaptability, steadiness, sense of order and immense ability to see others more deeply. Another feature is enormous creativity. Your life is very varied — you have a great need to be original and stand out from the crowd.

Many people perceive you as a great source of inspiration. And they have reason to do so. People with a Master Number 11 love and seek freedom. They are very hardworking and able to work overtime only for success and internal satisfaction. They do everything possible to make both themselves and the people around them feel good.