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There is a certain level of intensity in your partnership that can best be described as passion, although Sun-Mars alone does not make for the ecstatic type of romantic excitement that would occur if, for example, the Moon, Venus, or Pluto were involved. With challenging aspects , such as the square , opposition , and quincunx , sparks can certainly fly. What may start out as an overwhelming sexual and physical attraction can degenerate, over time, to petty arguments and real annoyances with each other.

There is an element of competition between you that is unmistakable, but must be channeled properly. You challenge one another, and there can be a fine line between finding this stimulating and feeling completely drained as a result. In arguments, the Sun person has a tendency to be self-righteous, and the Mars person tends to be very touchy, defensive, and combative. With Sun conjunct Mars in synastry, there is a real physical connection between the two that generally presents itself as sexual attraction and physical chemistry. There is a true feeling of progressiveness and energy between the two of you.

The potential to both challenge each other and frustrate each other, as discussed above, is somewhat high, but generally you both feel that you are headed somewhere with each other, and your personal energy cycles are boosted as the result of interaction with your partner. Sexual attraction is very high. Arguments tend to be highly personal and subjective. The biggest complaint from the Mars person is that the Sun person is too judgmental or self-righteous, while the Sun person finds Mars overly defensive.

Synastry: Sun – Moon Aspects Between Two Charts

Touchiness is probably the biggest problem between the two of you. As noted above, the sextile and trine between Sun and Mars in synastry is a real blessing in any relationship. Neither of you feels blocked or drained by your partner. As with all sextiles and trines but especially the trine , the couple should stop to consider the energy and to appreciate it. What comes to mind is a couple who consulted me for a relationship analysis who had a very tight and strong trine between the Sun and Mars.

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If they had experienced a partnership with, for example, a tight Sun square Mars, they probably would have noticed this flowing rhythm to their partnership and appreciated it more. Although they had distinctly different hobbies and activities, they had developed routines wherein each was able to carry out these individual endeavors without frustration and annoyance from their partner. Honest and candid communication is easier with this combination. Abundance and opportunity seem to flow from you and equally toward you, quite naturally.

The way to maintain that flow is to give back on a regular basis to causes and charities of your choice. Because you so often take the positive position, good things will come easily into your life. Excessiveness is an issue that must be tempered or else you will find yourself overwhelmed with either too many things to take care of and overextended by too many promises to people and projects. Learning to say no, after carefully considering your level of commitment, is an important lesson for you.

Your nature is generous and optimistic but your inclination toward mood swings or going to extremes is a bit more difficult to balance with this aspect.

Aspects Between Two Charts (Interchart Aspects)

Still, it is important that you do this. Poor judgment arising out of excessive optimism can get you into trouble or open you to being taken advantage of. Check all claims for accuracy and veracity and you will be much happier and keep more of your resources. Resist gambling or excessive boasting about your accomplishments. Be sure to balance the advantages offered you by giving back.

Top 5 Explosive Romantic Relationship Aspects

This energy between you expresses the endless possibilities available and encourages the freedom to express your emotions. At the same time, the aspect leans towards excessive expression. Whether an expression is excessive, over the top or fitting for a particular context, is something the two of you will have to decide.

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How much is too much and the resultant consequences, is the learning curve you will be testing together. Emotions will go out of control from time to time particularly when one of you is overwhelmed with too much to handle.

The intent of this aspect is to teach you better judgment and encourage wisdom from the many and varied experiences you actively seek. All too common an occurrence. Denial is huge when Neptune is involved in the comparison, I agree, especially when the person already has Neptune aspecting a relationship planet or in a relationship house natally. Neptune was all over her natal chart as well as the chart comparison.

When I expressed my doubt as tactfully as possible, she became furious, said I was obviously a terrible astrologer and not at all spiritual or I would see that she was right, and flounced out without paying for the session. By: Donna Cunningham on October 5, at pm. Even though I somewhat fit the Neptunian description, I am not emotionally equipped to be on the receiving end of a Neptune denial rage.

Spin them their fantasy or suffer. By: Jara on January 9, at pm. And our Neptune conjunct, as we are the same age. There are times when he would disappear and refused to talk to me. When positive, I would try to use comfort words and after a while he would open up. Of course it has to be the right moment, otherwise he would just get annoyed. Most of the time, I think the Neptunian person just wants to know that it is okay to be himself.

Not worrying, not feeling doubtful. Does it make sense at all? A quintile is a 72 degree aspect, within about degree range. By: Donna Cunningham on March 7, at am. Oh forgot to mention, all those aspects from my personal planet to his Neptune, it is in my natal chart as well.

Synastry: Sun – Mars Aspects Between Two Charts

Sorry to be writing too much. I also have venus in 12 in aquarius. I really liked the article, I fantasize relationships with others and am otherwise very private and lonely. My Neptune exactly conjuncts my, 8 yrs. Works for me! Love this article! It definitely vacillates with a push-and-pull, elusive sort of feel. The more and more I learn about Neptune, the more I despise it.

The issues and emotions that arise with Neptune are somehow untouchable, elusive, and hard to pin down, thus hard to correct. Nice Article! I just looked at they synastry between those involved in the Petraeus Scandel, and guess what, they all had Neptune Mercury aspects between each other! I wrote an article about it in my blog. Please check it out and luv your feedback. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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