Capricorn tarot card reading 2020

The Tarot of Jean Dodal originals Paris c.

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Saturn is the material world. ALL the Cardinal signs born between the 1st day of their sign to the 12th day. Modern astrology even back to the Greeks who were already Patriarchal made Saturn into the planet of the fathers. Saturn is considered to rule time and history and the corporate business world and the third-dimensional plane. It is dated to between 35, and 40, Which makes perfect sense as Aquarius rules detachment innovation inventions pioneering.

Capricorn Love Horoscope 12222

This is the ancient rulerships where each planet except for the SUN and Moon- which rule Leo and Cancer respectively- rules a masculine and a feminine sign. That was much more balanced than modern rulerships. We are all born of woman into this physical plane from spirit. Saturn governs the 3-D earth plane.

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They are the warrioress goddesses and wise women. May they rise again to be the true and most honored leaders in the world. We will need to stringently cut-back on budgets with Saturn in Capricorn.