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Editor and Publisher: Eric Francis Coppolino. Web Developer: Anatoly Ryzhenko. Designer: Lizanne Webb. Finance : Victoria Pomante. Astrology Editor: Amanda Painter. Astrology Fact Checker: Len Wallick. Outreach Co-ordinator: Victoria Bodge. Client Services: Amy Elliott. If all such statements were neatly linked, the world would be highly enlightened. We allow beliefs to influence our likes and dislikes, then figure that as long as we are happy with what we think we ought to feel, we need not go to the trouble of checking to see if we truly feel that. This weekend brings a happy, healthy, reality check.

You are not on the verge of being defeated. If, though, you now face circumstances that are seemingly less than ideal, you can either bemoan your lot or embrace your challenge. As the second option will bring good results and the first will only lead round in circles, how can you do anything this weekend, but reach for your best judgement, optimism, insight and wisdom. These may not be immediately easy to summon but will lead you to a point where you can feel truly glad of all you have done. The world is not the same as it once was. Consider all the social, political, technological, even moral transformation we have witnessed in our lifetimes.

All that change has not been happening to everyone else while you and I have been standing still. We have been evolving too. We continue each day, at some subtle level, to become more aware, informed and conscious. This weekend, you will understand more about your own journey and will see what wonderful progress this can lead to next. Some professional people command a great air of authority yet there must be times when they are off duty and need no longer maintain such a stern demeanour.

Indeed, we have to hope so for their families might not appreciate spending their leisure time with someone who was always serious and frosty. It is, of course, always important to respect rules but there comes a point where we have to decide not to let them bind us too tightly, if only for the sake of our sanity.

Relax this weekend. We might benefit enormously, just from striving to attain them. But the ability to stand back and see a situation in perspective hardly requires such high spiritual advancement. In freeing yourself from a source of stress this weekend, it is enough to wonder why you are allowing yourself to take an issue so seriously. If folk never got sick, why would we want doctors? Who profits most from dirty air? The manufacturers of washing powder!

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But sometimes, the greatest beneficiaries of a bad thing, are the folk who do a good thing. A potentially symbiotic relationship requires reflection this weekend. An unhealthy correlation must be understood if it is to be healed. This may sound like odd advice for an astrologer to offer. The great gift the sky has in store for you this weekend is wisdom. Perhaps we should be afraid of courage! Does it not sometimes lead us to daft decisions? If, indeed, we ever do find ourselves in such a predicament, the very last thing we should then do is lapse into humble self-pity. Summon more of the very strength that led you to where you are now.

Have more faith in it and in yourself this weekend. All will yet be well. Life may well be frail, fleeting and temporary yet to discuss this, in song, story or even zodiac forecast, is taboo. Yet without that perspective, we can make dreadful decisions. Be high, be clear and be conscious this weekend. There is nothing wrong with making an accommodation. There is never any shame in showing sensitivity. If someone needs something from us and we may just possibly be able to supply that by adapting or adjusting our behaviour or demeanour, why should we not be so kind? Give as freely as you know how to give this weekend but be careful and restrained about what you allow yourself to take.

Humans are conversational creatures.

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We like to exchange pleasantries. Yet once in a while, there seems an urgent need for a deep discussion over some profound matter. After a while, we stop questioning things. Even if we are inquisitive, even contradictory by nature, we accept a situation is the way it is and then give it no further thought. Only after a while, does an anomaly become so apparent it can no longer be ignored. We often equate such experiences with discomfort. None of us like being obliged to rethink what we took for granted. Be ready to reap that benefit. Monday is the midpoint of Mercury retrograde.

At that time, Mercury passes between the Sun and the Earth. That is the essence of the retrograde — Mercury going by. When it does, it usually passes a little above or below the Sun. Most conjunctions are not exact alignments; they are a little off, on the vertical axis. This happens in the sign Taurus. The most fleeting of the planets, Mercury, meets the Sun in its most solid and stable sign, in a kind of mutual infusion of energy.

To me the symbolism is about where mind meets substance. We might scoff at the notion that we can conjure things with our minds, but tell that to someone who sketches a skyscraper on a napkin and then goes and builds the thing. Tell that to someone who writes a hit song, or any song. In one sense the whole universe as we perceive it is a figment of the imagination.

Now we have this exact alignment where mind and matter meet directly. This provides an occasion to develop the connection in your own life. Taking that a step back, you might acknowledge the degree to which your thoughts and your decisions determine much of what you experience as real and as true. My Monday Morning horoscope will be devoted to this aspect; we will mail it out Sunday night to Planet Waves members and subscribers.

That is, how much do you allow yourself to experience sensuality, vulnerability, intimacy, passion and some sense of union — whether with some facet of yourself or with another person — when you engage your sexual energy? The Sun at mid-Taurus signals one of the old Pagan cross-quarter days: mid-season celebrations that fall between an equinox and a solstice. Traditionally one might slip out into the fields or woods to, ahem, frolic al fresco, and in so doing, bless the Earth. With the Moon currently in Taurus and waning toward new, however, you might be noticing that your awareness of Beltane themes — sexuality, union, contact with the Earth, experiencing your senses — is drawing you within yourself, rather than inviting you to go frolic wantonly under the Sun.

Even in that case, consider allowing for a little more introspection as you head toward the weekend. One of the factors emphasizing this direction of awareness and understanding is that Mercury is retrograde in Taurus, having stationed one week ago on April On one level, Mercury is possibly throwing a monkey wrench into things like communication, your computer, travel plans and major purchases.

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In fact, just yesterday a friend of mine detailed on Facebook her repeated, frustrating attempts to have an assembled gas grill delivered to her home, only to find it did not work each time. After requesting suggestions from her friends on how to handle the situation, she finally attempted to take part of it apart and fix it herself. She succeeded — illustrating that one theme of Mercury retrograde in Taurus might be to discover resources and resourcefulness you did not think you possessed. On a less mundane or tangible level, Mercury retrograde in Taurus — just a few degrees from the New Moon — emphasizes that some form of review or inner accounting of your inner erotic resources may be in order.

Venus, just a few degrees from the New Moon on its other flank, enhances the emotional-level understanding of these ideas. This brings us back to my initial questions regarding whether you really let yourself connect your physical senses to your emotions and conscious awareness in sexual situations. It can be hard for a lot of people, and scary, even if you do not carry significant emotional or physical pain in this area of your life. Yet, at the same time, if you really tune into your sensual longings and the emotions they evoke, do you also start to notice glowing embers that begin to brighten with each breath?

This makes a fixed grand cross. Without getting bogged down in details, I think I see a message emerging. From there, you can listen within. The choice is yours. That said, you would not be blamed for not expecting a condom company to unveil a dance video that captures in surprising nuance, humor and sensuality a wide variety of human courtship styles. The agile dancers imitate such species as lovebirds, blue-footed boobies, cranes, foxes, fiddler crabs and flamingoes.

An amazing array of animal mating rituals are described at the Act of Love website ; prepare to be surprised. However you tend to get together — or even if you prefer to make like a bonobo and go solo — with several planets in Taurus, Venus is in the air. Happy Beltane! Jonathan died unexpectedly Monday morning at his home in Yorkshire. This New Moon happens close to the Pagan high sabbath that commemorates mid-spring: the time to celebrate the goddess of love and abundance. As for Jonathan, fans around the world are grieving the loss of this one-of-a-kind astrologer and horoscope writer.

You may know me because he recruited me as his vacation stand-in back in the early s. I covered his daily horoscope in the Daily Mirror and the Daily Mail about 50 times, stayed with him at his homes in Yorkshire and London, and basically learned the astrology business from him. I tell many first-hand stories, and an excellent one told to me by conceptual artist and activist Karen Barnes, who worked with Jonathan on a rather cheeky project aimed at undermining the British monarchy and spreading a message of love and peace.

In the third segment I pay tribute to Father Daniel Berrigan, the infamous and beloved Roman Catholic priest who spent his life undermining the war machine of the American empire. However, the experiment failed. Horoscopes, it turns out, don't work at the front of the book. Cainer felt that he was being gradually sidelined, becoming "just another voice" by the crossword and the cartoons. The Mail wanted Cainer back, but Morgan forced him to see out his contract which led the pair to court. Cainer denies he felt any embarrassment at returning to the newspaper he had publicly attacked.

I feel a bit bad about some of the things I said in retrospect. But by the time I returned I had worked for four national newspapers and I'd seen something about journalism that I didn't know before. They take that line because that's the line their readers like them to take. My job is to tell them what's in their hearts and in their relationship with the sky, not to tell them what's right for them politically.

And besides which, the Mail has never censored a single word I've written. Jonathan Cainer was born in Surbiton, Surrey, in His mother left home with his two younger brothers when he was 12, which he describes as "a traumatic experience at a very impressionable age". A day later, his father moved his girlfriend into the family home.

Jonathan Cainer

Cainer dropped out of school at 15 without O-levels. He ended up in America with his brother decorating houses and managing a nightclub in Los Angeles. It was there that Charles John Quarto, a well-known "psychic, mystic and astrologer", gave him the reading that changed his life. Cainer rejected it out of hand as "the ramblings of a LA stoner", yet he found himself in a bookshop one day picking up a book called Instant Astrology. I was in California; astrology was everywhere.

And one of the world's most successful astrologers - genius or crank, depending on your point of view - was born. When I tell him that I'm deeply sceptical about horoscopes, he demurs. These days I think the safest answer is to say it's a belief system with some very rigid dogma. We are taught to believe that Saturn means restriction and Jupiter means expansion. It's scientific in as much as we have to have accurate planetary positions and it's based on actual physical phenomena.

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But it's a form of divination ultimately, a glorious blending of occult and science. Writing horoscopes, he continues, does come with serious responsibilities. Astrology columns are taken very seriously by people in need. Some of my readers are having a crap time and as an astrologer I know this because I study the cycle of crap times. Cainer once heard a reader committed suicide after reading one of his horoscopes. And they did it. They killed themselves. I had to wrestle with it for a long time. But I'm not going to carry the blame for it.

They were obviously in that frame of mind. They would have done it anyway. I didn't write 'End it all today'. But ever since I knew I could have an effect like that on somebody, one of the many filters I put a horoscope through is a 'top yourself' filter. I look for it now. Particularly when a zodiac sign is going through a hard time anyway I look and ask myself whether what I write could be misinterpreted.

Today, Cainer worries about his failure to predict big events like terrorist attacks and natural disasters. But then I hadn't been looking for them. Colleagues who had knew that something grim would be happening but they couldn't say what.


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By and large these things come right off our radar. As I leave, Cainer is off to meet his great friend and fellow misunderstood psychic, Uri Geller. I've seen him do it too many times. And if it's a trick why is it the only trick this highly intelligent man performs? If he could do more he would. Of all the pseudo-sciences, astrology is by far the most popular: 90 per cent of the country's population can tell you their star-sign.

Its success is a comparatively recent phenomenon and entirely owing to the creation of the daily newspaper horoscope. The first article on astrology in the popular press appeared on 24 August , in the Sunday Express. The editor had invited the astrologer RH Naylor, the assistant to the more famous Cheiro, who was unavailable, to cast the horoscope of the newly born Princess Margaret Rose. One of his predictions was that "events of tremendous importance to the Royal Family and the nation will come about near her seventh year". The abdication of her uncle, Edward VIII, resulted in her father's accession to the throne a few months before her seventh birthday.

This initial article garnered a strong response from the public and Naylor was commissioned to write a series of articles of predictions for the coming months. In one he suggested that "British aircraft will be in danger" between October 8 and On 5 October the R, the passenger airship, was wrecked in a storm near Paris. Forty-six were killed. It was near enough for considerable public interest to encourage the editor to offer him a weekly column, "What the Stars Foretell', which became one of the paper's most popular features.

All the other mass-circulation papers followed suit and, in , Mass Observation discovered that "nearly two-thirds of the adult population glance at or read some astrological feature more or less regularly": figures which hold true today. It was Naylor who invented the Sun-sign column. He had to find a way of writing so that each reader could feel involved, and chose to divide his essays into 12 paragraphs, one for each person born when the Sun was passing through a particular sign. This is not an important part of astrological forecasting, but is recognisable by every reader, because it depends on the day, rather than the precise time, of birth.

This made Sun-signs perfectly suited to popularisation and, by the s, most columns used them. Many astrologers think that concentration on this aspect of a birth-chart has done untold damage to serious astrology. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. Want to discuss real-world problems, be involved in the most engaging discussions and hear from the journalists? Start your Independent Premium subscription today. Independent Premium Comments can be posted by members of our membership scheme, Independent Premium.

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Find your bookmarks in your Independent Premium section, under my profile. That reputation of virginity has much more to do with purity and perfectionism than sexuality, although Virgos can be a Today's energies are relatively calm and smooth, with not much planetary activity to rock the boat. Looking ahead, expect passionate fireworks on Saturday when Venus Ah, Venus -- the sweet, affectionate and romantic planet of love. Venus is all about pleasure, about bringing people together and uniting them in harmony; so this planet rules not just love and dating but also friendships, partnerships and any social gathering.

It also rules finances -- the Your sex drive, your propensity for irritation, your urge to compete and succeed -- all fall within this powerful planet's realm. It affects your attitude toward everything from Whatever it is, today's Aries. Like the seasons and the tides, your emotions ebb and flow in cycles. Libra: September 23rd - October 22nd, is symbolized by the Scales, which are all about balance -- Libra's lifelong pursuit.

Cancer: June 22nd - July 22nd, is symbolized by the Crab, which makes a lot of sense when you take that sensitive, emotional nature into account. Aries March 20th - April 19th. Taurus April 20th - May 20th. Gemini May 21st - June 20th. Cancer June 21st - July 21st. Leo July 22nd - August 21st. Virgo August 22nd - September 21st. Libra September 22nd - October 22nd. Scorpio October 23rd - November 21st. Sagittarius November 22nd - December 20th.

Capricorn December 21st - January 18th.