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Virtually everyone knows about it. The reason it was so famous is because it occurred on a day with the Super Fame Aspect. But you have to look at the heliocentric dimension and the latitudes in order to find it. Our main point is this: If there is a Super Fame Aspect in the sky, the chances of an historic event are dramatically increased.

The reason for this is that Uranus rules fame, and when Jupiter makes a Magical Angle to a planet, it augments the symbolisms of that planet. In this case, Jupiter increased that likelihood that the day would become famous for one reason or another. What this means is that if you look at the stars and think that something truly historic is about to happen in the stock market, you should check to see if there is a Super Fame Aspect during the predicted time frame.

If not, you should reconsider. This does not mean that historic stock market events do not occur on days without the Super Fame Aspect. They do. But it does mean that historic events are more likely to occur during Super Fame Aspects. In fact, as we are about to document for you, the five most historic crashes or bear markets in the US stock markets began or occurred during the Super Fame Aspect. The big question is "WHY? Smaller drops in stock prices just do not become famous. The most famous crashes are the biggest crashes.

So in the case of stock market crashes, the biggest ones are likely to have Super Fame Aspect because that is what makes it famous. This makes sense because what is super famous in the stock market is also likely to be historic. Link Short URL. Magi Astrology really works! Planetary patterns explained with several examples. A comparison between Magi Astrology and traditional astrology. With the dawning of the age of computers the Magi Society has been able to perform in-depth studies and extensive research.

Free Book.. Not planned Under consideration Planned Implemented. Add Image. I'm e. FireFly September 27, Thanks for the link JR. That will help. How does this make you feel? JR September 27, The stock markets of every country have plummeted. If you have paid attention to what we have been writing in our Best and Worst Astrological Days section, you should have had a warning about all the problems. We continually informed our readers that each of the last six months had essentially no good astrological days, and instead the months had too many bad ones. If you own stocks, the last six months have been six months from hell but things were already horrible before the end of last year.

December of became the only December in over 30 years that the stock market went down definitively. At the beginning of the year, even we at the Magi Society were a little surprised at how awful and how quickly the stock market had already became. But we quickly figured it out and saw an opportunity to make money was coming.

A bad bear market was about to destroy the stock market. But you can make money in bear markets or bull markets — you just have to be sure of the direction of the market. We believe Magi Astrology really works and wanted to prove we could make money by trading stocks in any market using Magi Astrology.

We did not make this money on just a few lucky trades. We wanted to prove Magi Astrology helps us to be good traders so we made lots of trades. We turned over our portfolio an average of once a week so we really traded a lot. We were able to make money in large part because we discovered how incredibly important and powerful a new planet is to the stock market. New Planets Help Magi Astrology to More Accurately Predict Stock and Commodity Prices In Magi Astrology, we believe that the alignments of planets are signs of the most significant events that will happen on Earth, including the biggest moves in the stock and commodities markets.

Some types of planetary alignments indicate that stock prices will go up, whereas some other types of alignments of planets are reliable signs that stock prices will go down. This has been our theory and we tested our theory scientifically. To do so, we had to develop special computer software because the necessary software did not already exist. It took three years but the Magi Society successfully designed, programmed and perfected computer software that would allow us to put our theories to the test.

We call the program MagiOracle. By using MagiOracle, we were able to conclude extensive research into whether or not there is a real relationship between planetary alignments and stock prices. We tested the data going all the way back to , and the Magi Society succeeded in finding several statistically significant correlations between stock prices and planetary alignments.

For those of you who are statistical junkies, you would be interested in knowing that we found numerous correlations with standard deviations greater than 2, and several over 3. But we were able to accomplish this only when we included a newly discovered planet, Sedna, and also Ceres, which was thought to be an asteroid but astronomers now classify Ceres as a dwarf planet.

If we had not included Sedna and Ceres, we would not have found significant correlations between stock market performance and the alignment of planets. Sedna and Ceres are crucial to Financial Astrology and they have been crucial missing pieces of the Financial Astrology puzzle. This link you are reading is the first of many articles we will be writing about how to use Magi Astrology to predict stock markets.

The more T-Squares there are, the more stock prices will fall. The more exact the T-Square is, the lower the stock prices will fall. The selling pressure will most often peak on the day the T-Square is most exact, or one day before. This principle of Magi Astrology works for the stock markets of every country.

To illustrate the above Bear Market Principle, we will use as examples the April 25, low in the Hong Kong stock market, and also four big plunges in US stocks in and , including the BIG one — the October crash. On that day, the alignments of four planets made two T-Squares that looked like this in the sky: [As you can see, we are not using a typical Magi Astrology chart.

The reason is this article and the charts were originally created for a magazine and the editors wanted simplified charts that non-astrologers would understand. The original article will be published soon in Traders World Magazine. An isosceles triangle is a triangle where two of the sides are the same length. Each of these triangles is called a T-Square in astrology. The aspects can be any equal degree aspects, but the largest configuration formed cannot be a T-Square or a Square cannot be a conjunction of two planets where both are in square to another planet.

Magical Time : the time period when an aspect is most powerful; in Magi Astrology, these are the three days before and after an aspect is exact. Match Degrees : When two planets match degrees, they are in the same degree of either the same sign, or the same degree of two different signs. They can also be in the same degree north or south declinations.

Mega-Event : An historic event of significance. Midpoint : Usually refers to the unoccupied point in the zodiac that is exactly equidistant in longitudinal degrees to two planets. In Magi Astrology may be occupied and may be in the declinations. Midpoint Crossing: A Midpoint Crossing occurs whenever a planet crosses an equal degree angle to the midpoint of any two other planets. A Midpoint Crossing refers to an alignment of three planets. Midpoint Equivalence : refers to a law of Magi Astrology.

The law states: Every midpoint acts as if it were a planet.

Natal astrology

All midpoints influence planets and other midpoints under the same rules as planets themselves. All midpoints are influenced by planets and other midpoints under the same rules as planets themselves. All contacts of any multiple of 30 degrees by a midpoint to a planet is positive, but the strongest is the Conjunction Opposition and Trine Sextile. Magi Quads are also relevant to the Heliocentric Chart. Near and far projected midpoints. Mini-Event : An uncommon event, but not Historic. It could just be the birth of someone with an uncommon ability.

MQ : Abbreviation for longitudinal Magi Quad.

Star of David

Mono-Directional Aspect : A Magi term for an aspect that has both planets in retrograde, or both planets in direct motion. Multiple Planet Aspect : A Multiple-Planet Aspect is an alignment of three or more planets such that all the planets that constitute the alignment influence each other. Magi Quads and Midpoint Crossings are examples. Mystical Triangle: A Mystical triangle is formed by three planets where one side is a trine, one side is a square and the third side is a quincunx.

In the Magi Astrology, the Mystical Triangle that is most powerful in creating love and romantic attraction is the one that is formed by the three Magi Romance Planets. So when it comes to love, a Mystical Triangle formed by Chiron, Venus and Neptune is the most powerful of all possible Mystical Triangles and they are signs of nearly irresistible mutual romantic attraction. Such Mystical Triangles are so powerful and important that we give them a special name — we call them Romantic Mystical Triangles. A Romantic Mystical Triangle is extremely rare. The average woman or man never gets a chance to date anyone with whom she or he forms a Romantic Mystical Triangle.

Offset : A technique of interpreting an aspect by reversing the symbolism of one of the two planets that form the aspect. Opposition Enhancement: Why a Grand Trine is so powerful. Use Midpoint Projection. Outer Range Progression: When the progression "peak" is too far away to really matter - such as a progression that peaks or becomes exact in years. Pairing : Refers to any two planets of a Magi Quad that interact with each other on a primary level. In the case of longitudes, the pairings are always between two planets that form one of the two parallel lines.

In the declinations, the pairings are between two planets that form the two midpoints that are parallel to each other. Perpetual Progression : A concept in Magi Astrology referring to the condition where an "applying" Progression lasts many years. Most successful companies have Perpetual Progressions of either Pluto or Neptune making an enhancement angle to Venus.

Body, Mind and Spirit

Personal Aspect : An aspect that exists in the chart of a person or other living entity. In Magi Astrology, these aspects are interpreted differently than Historic Aspects. Planetary Eclipse: Any two planets creating an eclipse both conjunct in longitudes and parallel in declinations. A conjunction and a parallel equals a Planetary eclipse - very strong aspects. Planetary Geometry : Can be personal or combined - Any line or lines, shape, or pattern that is formed when connecting lines are drawn between the planets. Besides the planets, Planetary Geometry can include the Ascendant, Midheaven, Asteroids, and Comets and any other astrologically significant factor, whether real or calculated.

Aspects are the simplest forms of Planetary Geometry. Planetary Personality: In Magi Astrology, it is believed that each planet has a personality, just like each of the twelve signs. Planetary Synchronization: Planetary Synchronization is the Focus of every chart the most exact synchronization. A concept of Magi Astrology, it refers to the condition where at least 3 planets are within orb to all make aspects to each other. This can occur in the longitudes or declinations. See Declinational synchronizations - even 30 degree aspects count. Any alignment of three synchronized planets is very powerful so long as the sun, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron are the three component planets.

When there is an aspect, and at least one of the planets forming the aspect matches degrees with at least one other planet. Project : Refers to the concept that midpoints can be simultaneously in the same degree of opposing signs. For example, if the near midpoint of two planets is at 6 degrees Cancer, then the midpoint projects and is also simultaneously at 6 degrees Capricorn. Progressions : In Magi Astrology, progressions are transits that begin occurring immediately after birth and which are projected to influence the native in the future on the basis of a whole year of influence for each day of transit.

Proximity Enhancement : A term in Magi Astrology referring to the condition where any two planets except Saturn are in equal-degree aspect to each other, and the aspect is closer than degrees. Such proximity of two planets is aspect to each other is considerably more favorable than a wide aspect of the same two planets. This is equally true for longitudinal and declinational aspects. Quadralize : this word refers to the process of combining to form a Magi Quad. Relationship Chart : An astrological chart of a relationship, such as that of a marriage or love relationship.

If two persons are not married, the relationship chart of two persons who are intimate is that of the first time they made love. The Marriage chart or divorce chart are all Relationship Charts. Retrograde Planets: These planets are more beneficial than planets in direct motion. Romance Aspect : An aspect formed by two Romance Planets. Romance Linkage : A linkage formed by at least one Romance Planet. Romance Planet : Chiron, Venus, or Neptune, based on the belief that these planets have rulerships that govern matters of romance and love.

Romance Transit : A transit by or to a Romance Planet. Ruling Progression: A positive or negative powerful progression that is the primary influence on the native's life. Saturn Aspect : An aspect where Saturn is one of the two planets that form the aspect. The Saturn person holds more power in the given linkage or clash, and my hold more power in the relationship overall unless there is Saturn Balance. Saturnian Planets: Saturn and its midpoints, Sedna and its midpoints, and Sappho.

Saturn Clashes can lead to heartbreak. Sedna: Discovered in our Solar System in , Sedna is a dwarf planet with an extremely elliptical orbit of approximately 12, years. In Magi Astrology, Sedna is the destroyer, symbolizing both immorality and corruption. Seduction Aspect : An aspect in the sky such that when it occurs, most people are more disposed to seduction, and more susceptible to seduction.

Aspects in Astrology- The Grand Cross

Sexual Planets : A term in Magi Astrology that refers to Venus, Mars, and Pluto because it is believed that their symbolisms are the ones that relate to sex. Sexual Linkage : A linkage between any two of the Sexual Planets. Silver Linkage : One of the five linkages that are Success Linkages, but which is not as strong as the Golden Linkage.

Singleton Aspect: Not part of any Planetary Synchronization. Sports Champion Aspect : A term in Magi Astrology referring to one of the seventeen aspects that have been found by the Magi Society to greatly enhance athletic ability. Most of these aspects involve Mars or Pluto. Activation : A turbulent interaspect in a Combined Alignment Chart CAC that is at a clash angle square or opposition, also quincunx and contra-parallel if Saturn is involved.

Activations often initially cause attraction, yet that attraction is inevitably short lived. Activations are an indication of incompatibility. Alignment s : Any group of three or more planets in aspect. Also known as Planetary Synchronization or Planetary Alignment. Apparent Planetary Motion: The way planets appear to moving to the naked eye from the perspective of the Earth, rather than the actual astronomical motion.

A good example of this is the retrograde phenomenon. Planets actually do not come to a stand still Stationary and then reverse direction, yet from the perspective of the Earth and its own orbit, it appears that planets to indeed reverse direction.

Almost all of geocentric astrology is viewed through the lens of Apparent Planetary Motion. Applying: When a planet is moved towards an exact aspect with another planets. Aspects are always more potent when they are applying. Aspect rise to their highest potency the closer the get to exact. Once they have reached exactness and begin to separate their power is reduced significantly and very quickly the energy dissipates completely.

Ascendant: A calculated point that refers to the point in the zodiac that is just raising on the far eastern horizon at the exact time cast in the astrological chart. Aspect s : Any two planet alignment at a meaningful angle.

Astrology Education | Planetary Geometry

The primary aspects in Magi Astrology are Equal Degree Aspects which include; conjunction, semi-sextile, sextile, square, trine, quincunx, opposition, parallel and contra-parallel. Synonymous with the term Planetary Aspect s. Aspect Confirmation : Planetary alignments that reflect the talents, skills and abilities necessary for whatever you are trying to accomplish.

For example, if you are starting a new business you want to incorporate on a day that contains helpful planetary symbolism for the specific type of business you are operating. Aspect Confirmation is a key Magi Astrology principle used most often in electional astrology. Aspect Integration : The practice of integrating and combining all chart aspects to formulate a comprehensive analysis that incorporates all of the alignments contained within a chart.

A fundamental Magi Astrology principle is that no single aspect dominates and controls any chart, therefore it is necessary through the process of Aspect Integration to blend and balance the aspect symbolism for in the entire chart before an accurate interpretation can formed. Aspect Transformation : The Magi Astrology principle that the symbolism and influence of all equal degree aspects are transformed, altered, and modified if the planets that form the aspect are in turn aspected by other planets or midpoints. Aspected Midpoint Crossing : A midpoint that is in equal degree aspect with two planets that are also forming and equal degree aspect.

The influence can be either as a planet in aspect to another planet or as a planet in transit to a natal planet. In Magi Astrology, Jupiter is the major benefic and Venus is the lesser benefic. Bi-directional Aspect : A Magi Astrology term referring to any longitudinal aspect that is comprised of one planet in retrograde, while the other planet is in direct motion. Bi-directional enhancement aspects are more helpful than double direct enhancement aspects and bi-directional clash aspects are less severe than double direct aspects.

Bi-Level : Refers to any alignment between the same planets that exists in both the longitudes and the declinations in Geocentric or both the longitudes and latitudes in Heliocentric. Bi-Level Aspect : The same planets in aspect in both the declinations and the longitudes.

While the planets must be the same, the aspect angle can very. Bi-level Clash : A very detrimental combination where the same planets are in clash aspects in both the declinations and the longitudes. Bi-Level Enhancement : A very beneficial combination where the same planets are in enhancement aspects in both the declinations and the longitudes. Birth Chart: Also know as a Natal Chart.

The astrological chart of a living thing set for the day as well as time and location if available the subject was born. Any two charts in comparison. Also know as a synastry chart. Calculated Points: These are points in space that contain no physical body. Captive: The non-Saturn person in a Sexual Captivation. They are beholden to the trapper the Saturn Person and find it difficult to extricate themselves from the relationship.

Chaotic Planetary Geometry: Occurs when one transiting planet is making looped transits at a clash angle to two or more natal planets. These transits are extremely stressful. Chiron : A comet-like planetoid that orbits the Sun between Saturn and Uranus. For the purposes of Magi Astrology it is referred to as a planet. Magi Society research has revealed it possess remarkable astrological significance.

Chiron Clashes, Rule of Excessive: When a couple form too many Chiron Clashes, their relationship will be turbulent and will most likely end in Heartbreak. The one exception is Saturn. They symbolize the opportunity to go from rags to riches.

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Among the most favorable enhancement aspects you can have in any chart. A Cinderella Linkage is one of the keys to success in love and money. Cinderella Time: Any period of time when you are receiving a transit from Chiron that forms a linkage to your natal chart Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune or Pluto. Or the reverse, when any of those planets form a linkage to your natal Chiron. Clash: Any two planets in square or opposition as well as any quincunx or contra-parallel that includes Saturn.

The term Clash is used for turbulent interaspects in a CAC or turbulent aspects in an event or historical chart. Clash Aspect s : Any two planets in square or opposition as well as any quincunx or contra-parallel that includes Saturn. Classic Schism: Clash interaspects that generate mutual intolerance and lack of compatibility. Cluster: Three or more of the same category of planets that form enhancement interaspects in a CAC.

Every planet must be in a linkage with the other. Combined Alignment: Planetary Alignments and Planetary Geometry that are created with interaspects from two charts. The Planetary Geometry that is formed in a CAC using some or all of the natal planets from one chart in combination with some or all of the planets in the other chart. Companionship Chart : The astrological chart of the day any two people first meet in person.

Complex Planetary Geometry: Occurs when a number of planets are involved one geometric shape. For example if you have a Grand Trine, which is usually just a three planet alignment, and yet there are conjunctions at two of the points on the triangle, creating five planets within orb of the Grand Trine, you then have Complex Planetary Geometry.

Conjunction: A zero degree aspect where two planets are paired right next to each other in longitudes. A conjunction is a pure enhancement aspect and is very beneficial. Conjuncted Trine : The second most powerful longitudinal shape of three planet geometry. It is composed of a conjunction of two planets where both planets are in trine to a third planet. Also known as a Double Trine. Contra-Fraternal Symbolism: Planetary symbolisms that fundamentally contradict each other.

Jupiter and Saturn as well as Juno and Vesta are examples of planets whose symbolisms are fundamentally opposed to one and other. Contra-Latitudes : A contra-parallel aspect in the heliocentric latitude realm.

Grand Trine

However, the orb in latitudes is very small and does not exceed 0. This particular enhancement has an extra benefit of having its midpoint parallel the Earth, thereby giving the planetary symbolism of the Contra-Latitude aspect more influence in the chart. Contra-Parallel : An aspect in the declinations in which a planet in northern declinations is in approximately the same degree within a 1. This is an enhancement aspect unless Saturn is involved.

Culmination Transits: Transits that solidify helpful relationships and situations and help elevate them to the next level. They also provide a benefit by facilitating an ending to stressful and not-helpful relationships or situations. While not technically designated as culmination transits by the Magi Society, Jupiter applying in enhancement to Saturn as well as Jupiter enhancements to Neptune and Neptune enhancements to Jupiter often function in similar ways to culmination transits. A transiting Chiron clash with natal Saturn is also a culmination transit in that it reflects relationships or situations moving to a different level, however the overall influence of this clash is usually not beneficial.

Cumulative Effect : A Magi Astrology principle in which two separate aspects, each in a different realm geocentric longitudes, geocentric declinations, heliocentric longitudes, or heliocentric latitudes are comprised of the same two planets, i. While the effect is not nearly as powerful as true bi-level or trans-level aspects, the principle is very similar. It creates a strong initial spark, but by itself it can not sustain a connection.

There is just enough influence to make one think that the symbolism represented by the linkage will manifest, however hopes are almost always dashed with this alignment, as the orb is just not close enough and the aspect can not deliver any of its promise. Decimal Format: Magi Astrology uses degrees and decimals rather than degrees and minutes.

For example 10 degrees 45 minutes of Aries equates to Declination : The vertical coordinate or location of the planets in Geocentric Astrology. The declination of a planet is the distance, in degrees, north or south of the Celestial Equator. Declination differs from latitude as it takes into account the axis tilt of the earth as it orbits the Sun. Declinational Bias: A Magi Astrology term referring to the astrological phenomenon of planets moving more slowly through the extreme North and South degrees of declination.

The decrease in speed creates more opportunities for making aspects. Degraded Aspect: Any aspect in which an important Saturn midpoint is in very close aspect with both planets involved in the aspect. In this circumstance, the Saturn Midpoint influence has the ability to poison the symbolism of the aspect and cause it to be a destabilizing force in the life of the native. Distance Orb : The standard orb in degrees, as opposed to a time orb. Double Direct Aspect : An aspect of two planets, both of which are in direct motion.

Hence, neither of the planets is in retrograde motion. Double Linkage : This occurs in a CAC when two separate linkages are made up of the exact same combination of planets. The linkages can be in any realm geocentric longitudes, geocentric declinations, heliocentric longitudes, or heliocentric latitudes. Double Retrograde Aspect: An aspect where both planets are in retrograde motion. Enhancement Double Retrograde Aspects are the most beneficial type of enhancements. Turbulent Double Retrograde Aspects are the worst type of turbulent aspects.

Double Retrograde Enhancements: The most powerful and beneficial enhancement aspect in which both planets are in retrograde motion. There are two types of Dragons. One is sexual and the other is romantic. Both types of Dragons start with a natal trine or quincunx aspect that is either made up entirely of romance planets or entirely of sexual planets. The dragon points are located in the specific signs and degrees that will transform the natal trine into a combined Mystic Triangle and the natal quincunx into a Mystic Triangle or a Yod. However, the planet that completes the new Combined Mystic Triangle or Combined Yod must be within a 0.

A romance aspect can only be Dragonized by romance planet from and other person, and the same rule applies to a sexual aspect. Dragonize: When a natal trine or quincunx consisting or all sexual planets or all romance planets is transformed by an interaspect from another chart into a Combined Mystical Triangle or a Combined Yod.

However, the planet that completes the new Combined Mystic Triangle or Combined Yod must not be more than 0. Once dragonized these planetary alignments become a Sexual Dragon or a Romantic Dragon. These clashes can be especially severe and if a Nuclear or Heartbreak Clash is a part of the Dragon the devastation can be of epic proportions. They are seen as combined. For the purpose of interpretation, the Earth-Moon is very similar to the Sun.

However, aspects to the Earth —Moon are more powerful than to the Sun because the Earth-Moon is really two planets combined. Eclipse: When any two planets are both conjunct in longitude and parallel in declination. In most cases the symbolism of the planets involved will heavily influence a chart.

In traditional astrology this term is known as an occultation. Also known as a Planetary Eclipse. Electional Astrology is used to select the best days for weddings, business incorporation, product launches, large financial transactions, investments etc…. Electional Chart: An Event or Historical Chart selected for a specific purpose to commence on a chosen day in the future. The specific day is chosen for the corresponding planetary geometry and combined planetary geometry that supports the specific quest of the endeavor. This is a critical chart for employee success and often Magi Astrologers are consulted prior to a person starting work to insure employment begins on an auspicious day.

Enhancement : A Magi Astrology term referring to beneficial and helpful aspect angles which include the conjunction, trine, parallel, and any non-Saturn quincunx or contra-parallel. Enhancement Aspect : A conjunction, trine, parallel, and any non-Saturn quincunx or contra-parallel. Enhancement by Extreme Declination : Very powerful influences of a planet when it is at very extreme degrees of declination.

One of the rare circumstances in Magi astrology when a planet is emphasized or enhanced by virtue of its location, rather than by aspect. As a group they are a step above in both power and beneficial attributes to the quincunx and contra-parallel enhancement aspects. Equal Degree Aspect : Refers to any aspect within the standard Magi Astrology 30 degree aspect set; semi-sextile, sextile, square, trine.

This term is would also include parallel and contra-parallel.

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Event Chart: A chart of a non-living thing. Usually it represents the initiation of something significant. Event Chart subjects would include wedding dates, incorporation dates, founding dates of countries, dates when you first meet someone important to you, launch dates of products or services, employment dates, large financial transaction dates, achievement dates, etc…Synonymous with Historic Chart. Exact or Exactness: When two or more planets are aligned in the very same degree and minute of any zodiac sign, or they are aligned in the very same degree and minute of either North or South declination, they are said to be exact.

It is the moment at which an aspect or alignment peaks in its power and effectiveness. Fallout : Residual negative influences that briefly exist after an exact clash transit or clash progression has peaked and has begun to separate. Usually this is a result of turbulent circumstances that were created while the clash transit was applying. Fertility Aspects: Aspects which make it is easier to create babies.

Moon-Chiron and Mars-Chiron enhancement aspects are examples of this.

Financial Linkage : A linkage formed between two charts in a CAC with each chart contributing one financial planet. Flying Eagle: A parallelogram, four planet alignment of interlocking Mystic Triangles. The two parallel sides are composed of a semi-sextile and a square, while both of the non-parallel sides are trines. The planets in opposite corners verses neighboring corners are quincunx one and other. This alignment reflects a fantastic ability to soar above the clouds in any endeavor supported by the planetary symbolism.

Focal Planet s : Any planet that recurs at least twice as a component of the first six Magi Quads within the Occurring Magi Sequence of that day. There is usually more than one Focal Planet in a Birth chart. There may be different Focal Planets in the different realms geocentric longitudes, geocentric declinations, heliocentric longitudes, or heliocentric latitudes.

The Focal Planet s symbolism tends to predominate in vocational choices of the native. Focus Aspect : The most exact aspect by distance degrees in a chart, and usually the most important. Preference is given to symmetrical geometry and planetary synchronizations that include largest amount of enhancement aspects. Often the Focus Aspect is contained within the Focus Alignment.

The Focus Alignment dominates the chart and is the starting point for the interpretation of a chart. Focus Double Transit: When a person has a transit to a natal planet and also by the same transiting planet. That planet is called the Focus Planet and its symbolism becomes the focus in the life of the native while the transits are applying. Focus Planet: The planet highlighted when a person has a transit to a natal planet and also by the same transiting planet. These progressions tend to dominate in the lives of the native. Focus Transit: There are two versions. In the first version, a natal chart has an aspect and a transiting planet makes a transit to both of the planets that form that aspect.

The second version involves two transiting planets, themselves in equal degree aspect in the sky, and each are making a transit to the same natal planet. In essence, a Focus Transit is actually two separate transits with both transits occurring at the same time. Hence, they form powerful Planetary Geometry a powerful shape and are much more powerful than just two transits. A Focus Transit normally has the power of three or four transits.

It imparts youthful characteristics to the native. Fraternal Symbolisms : Planetary symbolisms that are nearly identical in meaning, yet ruled by two different planets. Geocentric Astrology: Earth centered astrology. Differs from heliocentric Sun centered astrology in that the Earth is in the center of the chart and the Sun seen as a planet. Almost all traditional astrology is geocentric based. Magi Astrology uses geocentric and heliocentric astrology.

Golden Rectangle: A very beneficial Symmetrical Planetary Geometry rectangle shape made of four planets. The two short parallel sides are sextiles and the two long parallel sides are trines. Grand Cross : Symmetrical geometry involving four planets. Each planet is spaced from the next by 90 degrees squares around the zodiac creating a large square shape in which each planet is either in square aspect or in opposition aspect to the other planets in the Grand Cross.

In natal charts, while some adjustment maybe required, the configuration offers gifts for the native. A combined Grand Cross in the CAC of two individuals will create attraction due to the symmetrical geometry, yet the multiple clash aspects indicate fundamental incompatibility. Grand Sextile: A very beneficial Symmetrical Planetary Geometry parallelogram shape made of four planets spaced across the zodiac creating three sextiles.