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Not that there are quite so many tiny talents this time. It would be pleasant to believe that my closing plea last year, about the plague of poetry on our land, had persuaded a few souls to refrain from publishing. More likely the workings of accident, trends, dim economic forces; or POETRY publishers deciding not to waste rev;ew copies On so surly a reader. At any rate, there are only a handful whom I'd dismiss without mention except in the concluding list of books received.

And no doubt they too have their fans. No, the difficulty is the usual one: a vast field of Howers, Horets, and weeds, balHing the discriminating picker. I must Hail through them wholesale , sorting them roughly into bales and setting aside the choicer bundles for a closer look. A small voice whispers hopefully that this clumsy sweep resembles what time in its Hight will do without my help, winnowing goldenrod and daisies, preserving orchids and amaranth. Well, there's a perverse comfort in the notion: for time is an imperfect critic too, as likely as I am to misfile some blooms and rediscover them later, with bland surprise.

One bale is quickly dealt with - books that for one reason or another are not my business. Impressive structure with soft tannins, lots of backbone! It is a rich wine that would stand up to anything grilled or just on its own — almost approaching nirvana. This is really yum. Lenz Moser Prestige Trockenbeerenauslese Deep golden yellow the flavours in this desert wine are absolutely delectable.

Sweet luscious honeysuckle flavours of baked apple raisin compote with toasted almonds. Creamy deluxe with a seam of acidity that sends you back for more. Absolutely mouth coating and a perfect end to a dinner regardless of the season. Why, they end up challenging each other to go for a year without drinking anything but Canadian wine! When we caught wind of this all Canadian endeavor, the Savvy Team wanted to take part too. The start line begins on September 1st…and it goes for a whole year.

This allows for a few exceptions like international wine events that may be attended, dinner parties where the host unwittingly opens something non-Canadian, wine-related courses you may be taking where other wines may be opened, and events like i4c or The Riesling Experience where it would be terrible to miss the international wines on offer.

With feedback, we decided to allow for international travel exemption as well, as we know how hard it is to get Canadian wine within Canada, let alone the rest of the world! They will be sure to praise you all over the interwebs and in a special blog post. Want to be famous? All you have to do is sign up for the Challenge and send Savvy Company your photo and you will be included in our poster-board of Challengers. Lighthall Vineyards Prince Edward County — one of the newest boutique wineries in The County…and their wines are turning heads!

Having raved about Ontario wines throughout September, it is now time to have a look at the southern hemisphere. Consequently, their wines can be big, ripe and luscious and this release certainly has some of those. The latter, made from biodynamic grapes with silky solid flavours is memorable and beyond.

Both of these would cellar well and I would be ecstatic to come across one tucked away in years. So, the wines are picked. With minimal effort, I could put together a Halloween party; I just have to find a grape costume. I am sometimes suspicious of a Chardonnay that is not golden yellow. This baby is very pale straw in colour and has many of the traditional Chard. It is wonderful to feature a dry, clean, crisp and refreshing Chardonnay that is smooth and subtle, medium bodied with a little toast and butter at the end of a very rich and delicious finish.

I had the pleasure of tasting other products from the Oakridge winery and if anyone has a trip to Australia planned, it would be well worth seeking them out. I found all their wines to be complex and memorable.

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The wine is a surprisingly deep plum in colour with aromas of mocha, sour cherry, plums, forest floor and a tad dusty smoke. It is bone dry no pun intended! I was going to say if only these aromas could be bottled but that is what Willy has done. This lovely pale straw coloured wine is extremely floral with fragrances of red roses, white blossoms and lychee.

While swirling this wine in the glass, I could not wait to taste it. Medium bodied, luscious, a little spice on the finish and all I could think of was enjoying this with some turkey curry most of us have left overs Pad Thai, spicey spring rolls or just a little chilled on its own — delicious. The Winery is located at the convergence of two rivers in the Colchagua Valley of Chile that benefits from a Mediterranean climate.

Dark delicious ripe berries come forward on the palate, a little leather with just enough tannicky pucker to make an exqusite melange. Medium bodied mouthfeel but rich with a little spice on the end. Would be fabulous with any grilled meat. A dark ruby red that just glistens in the glass. Aromas of ripe cherries and a hint of licorice that follow through on the palate. Medium to full bodied; woodsy tastes with with a bit of chocolate and spice at the end of a long finish.

There is a growing trend in Niagara of grape growers transforming their family business to include a winery. The Dyck family has done exactly that.

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This wine is a hands down favorite of several Savvy Selections wine club subscribers — what do you think? Want to buy this wine or some of their other outstanding wines? We can help! Should lamb be your choice, consider the range of red wines available, including Cabernet Sauvignon from California, a well-priced Merlot-dominated Bordeaux, a Bonarda from Argentina or a fine Tempranillo from Spain. Sip away! An excellent value and a good choice for Easter dinner.

It finishes dry and tantalizing. Pick up a few bottles to enjoy now and to sample over the next few years. It entices with aromas of cedar, balsamic, sweet ripe dark fruit and subtle floral notes. Dry, medium-full bodied, structured and robust, the perceptible tannins and lively acidity are a match for the ripe fruit, exotic spice and notes of espresso roast. The lasting finish is warm and spicy.

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Enjoy with roasted stuffed peppers, or a classic paella. The nose is autumnal in character—forest floor, mushroom, herbs. How many of you knew that? Summertime and my living is easy. Cheers, Julie. Aromas of white blossoms and orchard fruits. Pale in colour, this delicate white wine is one beautiful light bodied blend of Riesling, Pinot Gris, Gewurtztraminer and Chardonnay. The taste really is divinely light and fresh. I almost detected a slight effervescence on the palate combined with tastes of pear and melon with a little citrus on the finish. Makes for a lovely afternoon sipper or with some soft cheese, maybe some skewered shrimp in a Thai dressing.

A class act. The Argentinian signature Torrontes grape never fails to disappoint with its pale golden colour and aromatic nose of white flowers and fruit. Harvested at feet above sea level gives this wine a distinct light bodied appearance but with a backbone of fresh acidity, pear and lime flavours on the palate. Aside from great marketing and you should see the bottle! Lots of green apple and stone fruit on the palate of this white wine which makes it interesting for a Sauvignon Blanc.

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Great acidity makes it a fab food partner. Spending 10 months in French Oak has created layers of ripe plums, blackberries and blueberries with aromas of cedar and pencil shavings. Bone dry but luscious, velvety with soft tannins and a long fruity sweet spice finish. Deserving of a fine quality steak with the hottest horseradish you can find. This red wine stands up to be counted — nirvana. This 5th generation winery never fails to disappoint.

This dense purple in colour and fruit forward Shiraz is loaded with opulent ripe plums and black fruit characteristics from start to finish. Some woodsy aromas prevail in this red wine with rich bouquets of the fruit. Ripe tannins with sweet spice and a little menthol on the finish. It reminds me of a chocolate coated mint that sends you back for another sip — delicious.

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Ontario also celebrates Cool Climate Chardonnay , dare I say festival? Catherines at various venues including local wineries. I attended the celebration several years ago when it was held at the Tawse Winery. It might be time for a return trip. Many years ago, my husband and I visited Sunnybrook Wine Farm and were literally blown away by the vast array of fruit wines. I recall bringing plum and pear wines home to serve with Thanksgiving dinner. They were bone dry but very fruity.

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The winery produces a huge array of fruit wines that reflect all the ripe fruit grown in the Niagara region. This peach wine is new to LCBO Vintages , medium weight and would be nice over ice as an aperitif served with some soft cheese. It was downright peachy! A first class Chard. Tropical heady fruits, smooth as silk on the palate, robust layers of pineapple, mango and almonds. A full bodied white wine, rounded with a pinch of sweet spice on the finish. An easy going Chardonnay that is perfect for the summer.

Tropical fruits, yellow and green apples abound in the aromas of this white wine. On the palate are suggestions of almonds, pineapple, apricots and a little butter. Medium to full bodied, it is mouth filling with deliciousness with a long finish of fruits and toast. Winemaker Dan Sullivan does not disappoint with this delicate but complex Pinot Noir. Gentle and silky on the palate, aromas of cranberry and sour cherries with tastes of ripe cherries and some raspberry. A versatile red wine with soft tannins and just plain yummy.

Ripe plums and blackberries, dark and inky, another rich dark Malbec that is a must for the grill. Juicy and rich, full bodied with soft tannins. Also aged in a oak, this red wine finishes long with some sweet spice, sending you back for another sip. With some steak fajitas it would certainly impress. Gooseberry and grassy aromas support the fleshy backbone of stone fruit. Flavours of ripe peach, the citrus has some spicy notes but this white wine is smooth as silk.

Balanced with an aftertaste of sweet pink grapefruit pith.

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A great sipper or with some fish tacos or salmon salad. A fresh and lively new Chard. I was not disappointed and more than amazed at the price point of this white wine. Pale salmon in colour, floral and fruity aromas. Tart cherry and apple flavours, great acidity and soft in the mouthfeel. A beautiful summer rose. I have served this with everything from fish to chicken and someone always ends up checking the beautiful label on the bottle, not as we know that that makes the wine!