Leo leo cusp horoscope

They also develop a strong bond of friendship and will admire the sensitivity and intelligence of the other. It is particularly important for the Virgo Leo to keep their secretive nature under control and for their Taurus Gemini partners to keep their dominance under check for this relationship to flourish. A relationship between a Virgo Leo cusp and a Capricorn Aquarius cusp is likely to be wild.

Cancer/Leo Cusp Horoscope

They will remain faithful to each other and not worry about the society and its thoughts. Both cusps should avoid being secretive and stay away from following a selfish attitude. It is essential for both cusps to love each other unconditionally for the relationship to flower! The cusps are stubborn and the relationship is likely to be full of domination. There will likely to personal conflicts. However, the cusps will cherish the security of the marriage. Buying a property and establishing their own domestic infrastructure will be the primary concern of the couple post marriage.

It is important for both partners to be sharing, caring, and sympathetic towards each other, dropping the judgemental attitude. It is important for both partners to ensure no conflicts creep in amidst their busy schedules at work. They will both look up to each other to handle the stresses of everyday life.

It is often said that such a pair will create difficulties for itself sometimes owing to the disruption of work-life balance. We recommend being mature and embracing childlike innocence to let the love bloom! Aquarians are often the perfect audience who will admire the ideals and beliefs of the cusp. They will thus make for perfect partners! However, Aquarians are often individualistic and solitude-seeking, which can create problems for the cusp. They will enjoy great conversations and discussions over the latest developments on the scientific and artistic fronts!

When it comes to Aquarius C, however, the relationship can get as energetic as it can get! They often make for great marriages and a strong bond of trust and understanding develops between the partners.

Leo Cusp Personality Traits

The Virgo Leo cusps are often stubborn, self-centred, and depend upon logic rather than emotions in making decisions. The ideal partner would value their childlike nature and appreciate their obsession with cleanliness. The cusps will not prefer those who keep nagging them and point out mistakes.

This is because the Virgo Leo cusps are their worst critics and do not want their partners to do this job for them. The ideal partner will cherish the cusp and bring out the small beautiful things that will make the relationship prosper.

They will be cheerleaders really, appreciating your victories and your knack for perfection. For instance, the cusp does not blend well with Leo as there will always be a battle for dominance. Ultimately, it is all about developing that special bond of friendship and going that extra mile to make the relationship work.

For the Virgo Leo cusps, this will require an extra effort, like all other cusps, for, they will be ruled by the traits of both zodiac signs! Username or Email Address. Search Search for: Search. Hey there!

Practice - Cancer / Leo cusp - August 2019 Pt. 1

Sign in. Forgot your password? Enter your account data and we will send you a link to reset your password. Your password reset link appears to be invalid or expired. Close of. They are graceful and strong. Both attributes serve them well.

The fastest way to success for Cancer-Leo is to even out their highs and lows. Learning to maintain stability can pay off for them in a big way. Self-discipline can be attained without losing their spontaneity. By finding their calm center, they can remain confident in themselves. Cancer-Leo is sensitive to criticism. They may come across as so self-assured that they appear to be living in a fantasy world.

Cancer-Leo Cusp of Oscillation

They have a strong affinity to food. Imaginative in the kitchen, they can work miracles with a meal. They enjoy pleasure and social gatherings. They are devoted to their partner. They are generous and creative in their relationships with others. They are good at empathizing with their loved ones. The Cusp of Oscillation creates people who are traditional, nurturing, flamboyant, ambitious, sensitive, proud, creative, expressive, inspiring, cheerful, practical, romantic, passionate, realistic, generous and emotional. They may also suffer from self-centeredness, hyper-sensitivity, and have dependency issues.

Cancer-Leo may be an intellectual genius or they may be unscrupulous. They have excellent memories. Love is a natural thing for people who are born on the cusp of Leo and Virgo signs- they are gods who only allows a minority of mortals to find out what they want in love, they will never allow themselves to be seen with someone who is not incorporated with their taste.

In love, these people like to flirt, they like to an attraction, a centre of attention and adored, for this purpose they need to show how much sense of humor they have, and how much generosity and sexual attraction they possess. These people seduce with style, with a specific charm that is easily recognizable and they are loved by many.

When they strive to conquer a person, he will not give up, until he is conquered — these people are even ready to patiently wait for a perfect lover to come, and to be theirs. You can recognize them for their tendency toward drama, they often have a dramatic performance that overshines everything, and when they do not have it, they are not happy.

The Leo-Virgo Cusp in Astrology

Warm, full of enthusiasm, social — he is at the top of his game when they can be dignified and strong, with the aura of power around them, they are on the top of his game. They are prone to ego-centring, but they are gentle in the soul and can give a lot of love if in return. These people do not get along with everyone but will prefer a person who will serve them and neglect their flaws. If you are a person who truly wants to conquer a person who is born in the cusp between Leo and Virgo, in addition to being exquisite from the outside, that person needs to have a lot of charm, but also that entire appearance leaves a good impression in public.

In these people emotions that exist there are increasing to the maximum — the same approach to feelings and love they have when in love and when they are in love. For them love is something fragile, spectacular and dramatic -he must be in a relationship with someone who loves them and who shows that often. When they find the person they like, they keep his head high and will offer a heart in mighty paws. It is important that their lovers realize that those who are born on the cusp of Leo and Virgo does not do anything halfway — they do it all the way.

His lovers must realize that they are beautifully romantic lovers — they need a partner who will relate to that, and this could be a member of the Libra Zodiac sign. These two can relate in this sense, and they are both warm and passionate. The confidence of a Libra lover is sexy, his gestures are daring, and his charm is overwhelming — and he is t someone who can understand the demands that come from our candidate. These two will put all of their love and power into the service of giving and receiving gentleness in the bedroom.

They are the two generous and passionate partners — and can genuinely last long, only if they put aside some differences and tendency to be self-centred. If the Leo side is more prominent, then this person is a great perfectionist and everything you do and say you first evaluate thoroughly. He is not uncertain, but a very precise human being. However, if he is closer to the Virgo sign, his perfectionism is enriched with the passion that comes from the Leo side, and in this sense, he is less serious and more playful.

But this is not such a prominent feature in some sense that will make this person too fun.

But there is no doubt that this human being is a great perfectionist that does everything and says everything in his own way, and that way is that things go through a large filter of personal criticism. Skip to content.