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But lunar cycles can affect our sleep, too, according to astrologer Lisa Stardust, in particular during new and full moons. Based on your zodiac sign, it may be a night for partying — depending on which time zone you live in, the September full moon might even fall on Friday the 13th for you, for an added spooky element. Or, it could be a night to stay in and take it easy: practice self-care, meditate, and reflect on what you've accomplished in the past six months.

Whereas new moons are typically the time to set goals for the future, full moons are a time for closing chapters, letting go of the past, and reaping the rewards of your past planning and goal-setting. Remember to take some time this full moon to honor all you've done, or, if you've had a rough last few months, take a night to slough it off and blow off some steam. Here's what you can expect for your sleep this full moon, based on your sign.

Aries are among the signs who are going to find themselves needing some extra sleep this full moon.

Taurus might be the life of the party right now, which will leave them feeling zonked out at work. Gemini is feeling the pressure at work, which might lead to some late-night anxiety spirals. Finding ways to unwind will be critical this full moon, according to Stardust. Cancer may have too many distractions afoot to feel like they can unwind at the end of the day.

Shifting some priorities around may be in order. Balance yourself. The September full moon is a perfect time for Leo to take a morning off and get some extra sleep. Hit snooze and sleep in during this luminary," Stardust advises. Virgo is poised to do a ton of subconscious processing this full moon. Well, everything about this aspect is about revealing secrets and fighting for what is known to be just and right. As Venus rolls from Scorpio into Sagittarius, which happens at this New Moon, expect the emotional confusion to really get fired up — if only for a brief period of time during the ingress.

On the Ceres side of the quincunx. We have a very strong feminine energy that is nurturing. This asteroid is in the position of not being able to understand why the right-wing political people are revolting or not being able to understand why the petty — at your throats — type of behavior is happening. This may suggest travel backups at way stations between the 1 st through about the 12 th of January.

New Moon in January , New Moon in Aquarius 4°21’, January 24 |

This could play out as confusion and delays in travel. Another aspect that seems to be playing out mostly between the asteroids is the Ceres Juno Opposition. Juno represents the energies regarding how you are faithful or loyal. Juno comes from an earth sign that is sensual, tactile and determined. Yet these two energies are in opposition. Note that the time period for this opposition stretches from mid-December to the start of April all winter. This opposition will bring out emotions in the range of: grief, unbearable loss, depression, deprivation, spousal abuse, powerlessness, rage, unfairness, betrayal and bitterness.

Note that the Sun and Pluto are both trine Juno which will link the leaders to loyalty issues or tests of their faith. We also bring in Chiron which represents the idea that there is growth through suffering or pain leads to spiritual growth. Chiron sits in a water sign suggesting that there will be compassion with regards to the pain. This trine lasts from the end of December to nearly the end of February which aligns to the idea that social workers, doctors, nurses and the medicine field will all be drawn into action in some form or another.

We may hear more about overall sickness until this aspect dissolves. During this time, the Pallas Juno Quincunx, which is highlighted up to the New Moon, brings up a diplomatic fight between what is known to be just and where the loyalties lie. This is a feminine energy where diplomacy will be tested.

This energy could suggest misunderstandings in diplomatic procedures. This aspect seems to outline a period of time where the feminine energy, which is normally passive in the background, will be given the opportunity to be diplomatic, but the results will feel more like loss than gain. Here we have a transit that plays out from the 1 st of January until about the 10 th. It is a trine situation which allows the energies to flow harmoniously.

How The September 12222 Full Moon Will Affect You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Venus is in a sign that accentuates assertiveness and decisiveness and it deals with things like money, transactions, shopping, art, music and other feminine based activities. Chiron is in a sign that accentuates compassion, intuitiveness and a desire to escape reality. This asteroid is also connected with teachers, counselors, gurus, philosophers and it wants to highlight the principles that guide the human spirit.

With this trine, we have a hard aspect with Mercury that is waning suggesting that this transit may not make the news, but it will affect how we feel about the situations that unfold. Overall, this transit may suggest that the divine feminine will be called upon to provide some sympathy regarding that pain that is unfolding but it will be see as good progress or lessons that lead to spiritual advancement. The shortest aspect is the trine set for 51 days and the longest aspect is with Pluto for days.

Lunar calendar by decades

The two squares with Vesta last about 90 days. Pluto is waning, but the other energy is building into late January and should dissolve come spring. The key architypes are feminine with the innate ability to get things done. Keep in mind that Pallas is the energy that just knows, without having to be told, what is right and just. Being in Libra, we should see this it working towards bringing balance to situations in a non-confrontational way. Vesta is going to want to create an energy that will feed holding your ground and wanting to talk out problems.

The agitation comes from three places. The desire to fight is going to be enhanced as Pluto creates dissidence with Pallas from Capricorn. This will probably color the vision so as to bring the worst things into focus. Seeing that this energy has peaked, but still near that peak, people may find it hard to see the good in others or other situations. Knowing that Pluto brings up those deep dark secrets so they can be transformed and that Pallas is the energy of intuitively knowing what is just and true, we should expect this time to be a time of discover and recognition regarding right and wrong.

How The Super Blood Full Moon Affects Each Zodiac Sign On January 21, 12222

When disturbed, it brings out the emotional fire of instant karma. The Moon here allows you to vibrate and with Venus and Jupiter in the mix, this can only mean promising things. Your persona will be put to the test to see how much pressure you can handle when being pushed by your peers or colleagues.

WEEKLY Horoscope 23rd - 29th January. NEW MOON Surprises Us with NEW BEGINNINGS. 12 Sign Forecast

With the Moon here, you will pour your heart out to projects and will receive the much-needed accolades depending on how hard you work. Saturn will gift you in the long run, but Venus will allow you to shine, granting you the courage needed to face anything.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Jupiter will give you the confidence and energy needed to achieve what you want. Plans that were put into motion months ago will start to reveal themselves. Sagittarius seeks information and knowledge, so it is appropriate that this Lunar Eclipse will gift you with what you love, learning. Opportunities for higher education will present themselves as well as plans for travel. Jupiter will allow you to expand your learning and to see new horizons. Either way, you will learn, study and put to action whatever information you have absorbed. This is the perfect time to manage finances, debt and other things relating to money.

With tax season looming, get your finances in order so you can save some of your hard-earned cash. You will be driven to earn more and spend less. Family will take great importance during this transit as Jupiter and Mars make aspects that will shift your attention briefly to matters of the Home.

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There will be harmony with Home thanks to the aspect made by the Moon. It is possible for you to feel inspired to pursue any creative venues. Trust your intuition and the powerful dreams you will have during this transit. This is your season. It might have felt stuffy for you with all of those planets in your 12th, but now that the Sun is in your First, you will feel awakened with the burst of energy needed to take on the world. You will feel confident in your abilities, wanting to feel an emotional connection with others in a more intimate level.

Whatever self-doubts or fear lingered in your mind will slowly be erased. Jupiter will make you feel the strength in your social groups and Venus will make you feel loved by them. This is a period of excitement for you.