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This is the only sign in the zodiac that sees its ruler visiting once every month. The zodiac sign of Cancer is the one part of the zodiac that is obsessed with security. Those born under the sign of the Crab love being at home, prefer a feeling of security and consistency, and have an intuitive grasp of carving out their own territory in the world.

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The planet Mercury rules two signs: Gemini and Virgo. Mercury moves around the zodiac so quickly that, as it makes its away around the Sun ahead of us, it appears to be moving backwards at times. The three annual periods of Mercury Retrograde allow us all to review our accomplishments, and throw enough chaos into our plans that those ruled by Mercury learn to be the best improvisers.

The zodiac sign of the Twins, Gemini, emulates the communication dominance of the planet Mercury. Those born under the sign of Gemini learn to talk about what they are thinking and feeling as a means of expression.

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Virgos take control of their world by establishing hierarchies that they alone understand. How is your ruling planet affecting your life?

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Talk to an astrologer today! Venus rules art, beauty and most of all, love. Venus moves around the zodiac in about eleven months, but over a two-year period it has one stretch of a retrograde that can last almost two months at times. This is the pause that inspires the artist and the lover inside … Venus is the muse for us all. It is the ruling planet of Libra and Taurus.

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These two signs seem to have little in common, but their personalities reflect the two sides of the Venusian coin. The Taurus revels in the beauty of acquiring art objects, jewelry and dining on delicious meals. The Libra loves the sophistication represented by the art world, the elegance of fashion and the love expressed in a good time over a nice dinner.

This masculine planet of action brings intensity to wherever it goes. Mars takes about two years to circle the Sun and in that time it is retrograde for a few weeks, enough for the warrior in us all to reassess our battle plans. Mars is the ruling planet of Aries and Scorpio. Those born under the sign of the Ram are always moving forward and have little time to reminisce.

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The Scorpion is a sign of intense dedication to victory, demanding loyalty all the way. The largest planet in the solar system is the ruler of all big things, expansions and excess. Taking twelve years to move through the zodiac, it stays in each sign for about a year.

Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius and the ancient ruler of Pisces, a sign over which it still holds sway. Sagittarians love a good time and a good gamble, while Pisceans are prone to grand visions of the way life should be, each sign reflecting the nature of Jupiter, named after the Roman king of the gods. Saturn is the only planet to rule two contiguous zodiac signs. It rules Capricorn and is the ancient ruler of Aquarius. Saturn takes about twenty-eight and a half years to circle the zodiac, visiting each zodiac sign for about two and a half years.

Venus also represents our approach to the things we draw to us, and therefore it signifies our money, income, possessions, resources and anything that we have. This is the first in a series of articles about the astrology of the planet Venus, including Venus retrograde. Venus only goes retrograde every year and a half, compared with most other planets that go retrograde once a year, or Mercury that goes retrograde three times a year!

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To understand what Venus retrograde means, we must first explore what Venus means in general. Therefore, I have begun with a number of articles that explore the mythology of Venus , the ways that Venus rules Libra and Taurus , and how Venus does and doesn't reflect our experience of feelings and emotions.

For your convenience, I've included a list of astrological keywords associated with the planet Venus. This content may not be copied or used without the expressed permission of the author. Material on this site may be copied or printed off for strictly personal use.

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To use this material online e. Beyond strictly personal or fair usage, you may not copy or hotlink to content without written permission. This planet is inextricably linked to refinement, culture, charm and grace.

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Venus also deals with the pleasure we derive from our possessions. This planet asks us to appreciate the exquisite nature of things. Venus takes days to complete its orbit of the zodiac; it is never more than 47 degrees from the Sun.