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Ideally, the best way to mark Litha is by spending all day in the sunshine. As you feel the sun warm you, visualize it giving you strength and power that will stay with you throughout the rest of the season. You could meditate during this time, cast spells, do some yoga, or simply observe—just allow yourself to enjoy the moment. One of the hallmarks of any pagan holiday is a feast.

In ancient times, villages used to come together to celebrate the new season or holiday with lots of food, music, and dancing. Continue with this tradition by packing a picnic lunch for yourself or your friends.

Foods associated with Litha include berries, cheese, cake, honey, herbal tea, sunflower seeds, and lemonade. Enjoy your treats under the sun. The summer solstice is one few times of the year that Stonehenge is open to the public and many people believe watching the sunlight center of the circle is a spiritual experience. You can set up your own stone circle outside or inside as your alter and using regular stones or crystals—we recommend using moonstone, amethyst, tiger eye, red jasper, citrine, fluorite, and agate as they commonly associated with Litha.

January 5 solstice astrology

Before starting your stone circle, set an intention, and place your stones where the sun rays can reach them and keep them charged. Look to the stars this year… The ancient Romans celebrated the summer solstice as a festival for Juno, the goddess of women and childbirth. Timing is everything. By taking advantage of opportunities when the larger timing is right, you achieve a success.


By cooperating with that larger timing, we can fit into the natural world and use its cycles to our advantage. By using the principles of natural timing, we cooperate with life and know when to pull back and when to press forward for success.

Summer Solstice astrology: What does your zodiac sign say? |

The times of moving forward can be used for initiating new directions that are important for us. The times for pulling back can be used for reinforcing our position, organizing our lives and growing stronger within ourselves.

The Astrology of the Summer Solstice

The times of balance open the opportunity for consciously enjoying our lives and the people in our world. This is a time of sacrificing qualities in your past behavior that are no longer useful to you. Ask for a blessing from a Higher Power to continue into the next year of your life, leaving the characteristics that no longer serve you behind.

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If possible, do this ritual with at least one other person. A larger group will increase the power for all.

On this day, make a list of three qualities you would like eliminated from your habitual pattern of being. For example, gluttony, greed, selfishness, feeling isolated from others, lying, stealing, procrastination, not speaking up for yourself, or whatever habitual response to life that has undermined you. After carefully considering your list, choose ONE of the three qualities of character you would like your Higher Power to remove from you. On a piece of paper, write down that behavior and list FOUR instances when it has gotten in your way.

This is a day to leave that quality from your past behind you and not take it with you into your future. Mar 31, , Apr 17, , May 3, , May 6, , May 15, , May 16, , Jun 4, , Jun 9, , Jun 27, , Jul 1, , Jul 3, , Jul 19, , Jul 28, , Aug 11, , Aug 18, , Aug 21, , Aug 29, , Sep 14, , Oct 3, , Oct 4, , Oct 8, , Nov 1, , Nov 19, , Nov 26, , Dec 2, , Dec 9, , Dec 20, , Dec 29, , Lunar Phase.

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